Wrekin Forest School

Wrekin-Forest-School-pop up forest school
Forest School can be adapted in the educational environment for short bursts of critical outdoor learning.

Outdoor Learning is a wonderful adaptation for educational establishments to get kids outdoors and still meet learning targets. 

Getting children out of the four walls of a classroom is critical for so many children, many children flounder in certain environment, but once outside in the natural environment they can thrive.





Personal, social and emotional development

Build self esteem, independence, co-operation, team work and self confidence. Respect for living things and each other. Sharing experiences with peers and adults. Learning to assess safety for themselves and take measured risks. Connecting with natural is known to develop mental wellbeing.



Mathematical development

Handling and using natural objects gives purpose to counting. Sorting shapes, colours and sizes. Measuring, problem solving and calculating. Observing and making patterns in nature and recognising shapes whilst exploring.
‘How many children can fit in our boat?’ ‘How many cones can we collect today?”

Use The Hungry Caterpillar story to explore repeating patterns with two different green painted stones to make the caterpillar body.



Physical development

Simply being on the move. Spatial awareness, balancing, negotiating and moving obstacles. Using a variety of real tools creatively and safely. If an activity can move from the school hall to a natural space the benefits grow. Shelter building allows children to access a range of skills from physical development to Personal and Social Skills to using language to communicate and cooperate.



Communication, language and literacy

Listening to instructions, discussing findings, new vocabulary, sharing ideas, story telling, songs and rhymes. Mark making in the mud. Keeping a diary.

The Hungry Caterpillar ticks so many boxes, including story telling and order the story with painted story stones, tactile and textures makes learning so much more fun.



Creative development

Dancing, music making, picture making using natural materials. Mud painting. Role play and imaginative play. Goldsworthy is a great example of outdoor art.



Lesson Plans for Outdoor Learning

Over many years of Forest School and outdoor learning I have created fantastic lesson plans and wonderful story packs all designed to get your learning outdoors. Fabulous shelter building packs too.

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